Welcome to Circuit Court record access. JusticeWeb and JustWare provide secure access to case records, court calendar and more. Public access will be limited to what's allowable by law.

Cases June 2015 and newer are accessible using this site and/or installing JustWare (see instructions below). Older cases? Go here.

Installing and Using Justware

The Case Search inquiry (upper right corner) will allow you to view public records including the case status, charges, court dates and disposition. As a convenience to you, a more detailed access (including documents filed), is provided by downloading our court software. NOTE: Be sure your system time is correct as unmatched system time will cause database communication error. Below are the instructions:

Credentials for JustWare: Username = sebco\ccinq Password = D0cuments! (The 0 is zero)

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Working in This Site

For questions regarding Circuit Court cases and how to access what you need, please call 479-782-1046. If you have any technical issues with our site, please submit a Help Desk Ticket and we will assist you as soon as possible.


  1. CR = Criminal Cases
  2. CR/MC = District Court Appeal Cases
  3. CV = Civil Cases
  4. DR = Domestic Relations Cases
  5. NJF = Non-Judicial Foreclosures
  6. PR = Probate Cases